Why Im Blogging

Of course the internet can be a beautiful thing. And I will say that through my early years of motherhood, it definitely has been.  I don’t remember exactly when I started reading 'mom blogs', but I’m guessing it was not long after we brought our first beautiful baby home from the hospital, and suddenly there I was. Searching for someone to put words to my doubts, worries, questions and hopes for my little family. And almost five years later, I’m reaping the benefits of these pearls of wisdom from the strangers who seem to be sitting at my kitchen table. 

There are definitely seasons where I have to close the search bar to the temptation of comparison and feeling less than worthy mother. But, there are also seasons where I happen to find the absolute perfect post that meets me exactly where I am, lifts my spirits, and gives me the strength and motivation to keep on!  She had the same day I did, and is on the other side to tell me about it. I can think of a million examples where a blog post has pretty much saved the day, whether it was an attitude adjustment or new inspiration I needed, (& I look forward to sharing them in future posts). In all honesty, blogs have often felt life changing!  They have led me to amazing real life friendships, strengthened my marriage, and encouraged my motherhood…all through a simple blog post (don’t forget shout out to the transformative podcasts as well!) They encouraged me to start a prayer group, google the closest moms night out, guilt free binge watch a show and own new hobbies, (not to mention along with providing me specific lists & examples to all of the above ;). They taught me how to save a bad day and attempt to be thankful in the mess. Finally, they have inspired me to use my own experiences and join the blogging crusade.  I am thankful for the freedom to use this medium for the good, and I hope to be a part of continuing this goodness. 

I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to those fellow women and mothers who are inspiring me to choose joy. 

Thank you for sharing your hearts and ideas with us!  Here are some of my favorites:  

-       https://amongstlovelythings.com

-       http://www.carrotsformichaelmas.com

-       http://www.dosmallthingswithlove.com

-       http://humblehandmaid.com

-       http://jfahy12.wixsite.com/jessicafahy

-       http://thecatholicwife.net

I wish I had saved some of the exact posts that were transformative to me….but who else do you love? What has been a saving grace blog post for you?


With Joy, Alex

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