Listen to the "Abiding Together" Podcast!

Since my avid podcast addiction about a year ago, I have been faithfully keeping documentation. Many amazing, inspiring podcasts later, I am happy to boldly announce my hands down, #1 top pick - Abiding Together Podcast. My advice, if you try one new thing this week - let it be Abiding Together. I finally decided to give it a listen after numerous recommendations from friends, and after an instant connection from episode 1, I continued to obsessively binge its entirety in less than a month. To say I am a changed woman because of this podcast may be an understatement.

The dynamic threesome of hosts brings a unique perspective unlike any other podcast. Between the creative introverted homeschooling mom, passionate extraverted adoptive mom, and inspiring, down to earth religious sister, there is something for any woman to relate to. They are all authentically real, hilarious, true powerhouse women who share their journey in following the Lord. They are like the new favorite author you will fall in love with. 

Here are some of my favorite things I have learned from these women so far, and I look forward to many, many more: 

1. Striving vs. Abiding. One of their key themes is this idea of striving vs. abiding. "Whoever abides in me and I in him, will bear much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5 Who doesn't need to hear this message every day and minute of your life? They expand on what a striving approach looks like in their lives, and how they find peace in abiding. My personal spiritual journey this year is all about accepting God's love in the "being," despite the "doing," and learning to understand simply abiding hits this nail on the head. 

2. Authentic Sisterhood. These 3 women have a beautiful story of friendship. I love their different personalities, vocations, and the connections between them. Their true sisterly love for each other radiates through the microphone, and inspires me to better love the women present in my own life. Also, I am now anxiously awaiting for the next Sister Miriam to come visit my town & become my best friend...You'll just have to listen to learn more ;)  

3. Learned Mistakes. The fact that these women have about a decade of lived life experience & learned mistakes on me helps to put my own life in perspective. They give me hope by sharing the difficulties of the different life stages, and reflecting on their own growth. Their recent advice to young moms like me in the trenches (or wiping stages, thank you Heather ;) to realize that we are watering our family roots, to later have the joy of seeing our fruits, gave me so much peace to carry on. Sharing our weaknesses & vulnerability in sisterhood is absolutely what helps us grow & brings us closer. I am thankful to hear of these learned mistakes. 

4. Sharing Real Life. Sometimes as Christian Catholics we can be SO serious. Our conversation better be biblically quoted, with solemn music playing. In our attempt to befriend & gather to grow in faith, we can forget to just enjoy each other & have fun. They have the perfect combination of sharing how they are getting puppies in their families, watching basketball games, and laughing tears to an inside joke, while still getting the bible quotes in ;) They remind me to have fun and share real life with my sisters in Christ. 

5. The One Thing. Thank you so much ladies, I’m officially obsessed. At the end of every episode, they each share "one thing of the week that is rocking their world," or currently inspiring them. There are no rules for the one thing, it can be anything, a book, a song, a movie, a quote, a recipe, a person, an event...anything. I have stolen this idea and applied to my marriage, my friendships, my kids, myself...At the dinner table, "Guys, what is one thing that God spoke to you today, one thing that's inspired you this week?" We even tried this at our small prayer group last night & I'd say it was a major success ;) 

Thank you so much ladies for sharing your hearts with all of us, you have brought much joy to others through your honest conversations & wisdom! Happy Listening Everyone! 

With Joy,  Alex 


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