The Circle of Motherhood & It's Center

This past weekend I celebrated my 6th Mother’s Day. And after 6 years of my motherhood experience, two of the most important lessons I have learned are 1) we need other moms and 2) we need Mary as our leader. And the best way I have found to live out these lessons are by 1) knowing your own unique gifts and recognizing the unique gifts of fellow moms and 2) personally praying to Mary and accepting her as your own spiritual mother. In this way you can understand how motherhood is a circular unity, and not a competitive or linear ladder to climb. And accept that you & other moms will always fall short, and that is the expectation of humanity! But, that our Mama Mary will never fall short, and will always always be there to help us. Then you can come to learn the beauty and peace found in the circle of motherhood, and it’s perfect center.

Yet, how easily do we forget? How quickly do we rely only on ourselves, and fight against our own nature? I was created to be an ear!? Gosh, darn it, I am going to become that eye! Sister, 1 Corinthians. Are all cooking? Are all working? Are all writers? Are all teachers? Are all breastfeeding? Are all raising multiples? Are all early risers? Nope. No. No one is doing it all. No one was created to. Just as Christ teaches each part of the body is honorable and pivotal to each other; so is each unique mother created to form a link in the circle bond of motherhood. How many times do you have to hear this? How many times will you fret over so and sos recipes, body shape, clean house, career achievements, athletically gifted children or fill in the blank. In the picture you see, she is desperately struggling with something you are gifted in! It happens all the time, over and over. But mama, fight against it. She needs you. The best way I have found is to call out your own gifts. The good Lord gave them to you. Gratitude is the antidote to envy. There is no weak link, “if one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” It gets more and more beautiful when you see it in action. If you are doubting your gifts, call me. We all need each other; your gift is necessary to mine. The cliche is real, the bonds of motherhood are circular.

Ah, now to remember the month of May, the month full of honoring Our Lady (today the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima to be exact!), the most perfect mom! She is going to be the glue that holds those bonds together. She will be the one to protect us, guide us and bring us peace. She must be our center. And when she is, it is a beautiful thing. Wait, let’s pray to Our Lady, your group will cheer. But, the path to Mary is not always straight. We can fear her perfection. Misunderstand her maternity. Don’t fret. Pray my favorite prayer, “Mama Mary, be a mother to me now.” The best way to let her lead, is to run to her as a daughter yourself. When you are exhausted and lost, let her hold you. I am still learning. I wonder about her humility, and what it all means. But oh, how little I know! Keep, keep asking. Keep praying, she really is the perfect mother for us all.

Well, all of those sappy mom blogs I read are really true. We see each other, we need each other. (& I’ll add, we need our Holy Mary :) Happy Mother’s Day from one to the next! Hail, Mary!

In Joy,


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