Thoughts on Bachelorette Parties

Last weekend was my little sister’s bachelorette party. I’m honestly still recovering from the fun, ha. But mainly processing the impact it had on the perspective of my stage of life. Then I was appropriately reminded that exactly 8 years ago today was my bachelorette party. I pulled out a picture of the childless me with my then single friends having innocent fun at the local bar. Doesn’t it feel like a different lifetime? It was, and I am a changed woman, yet the same one. Anyway, I was laughing at myself reminiscing. Since then, I’ve been blessed with 3 boys and have had my share of missed bachelorettes because of it. I remember being in tears on my kitchen floor when I had to miss my other sister’s bachelorette in Nashville, as I’m holding my 2 week old newborn! But you know what, it’s ok, mama! I’m talking to the young mom who is having FOMO over her friends in different life stages. Hold that baby. It’s completely ok. Your chances will come in other ways, I promise.

Flash 3 years after missing that middle sisters’ bachelorette, and luckily the both of us were able to be there for our youngest sister! But this time, she, the middle one was the one pregnant and due with her second baby that exact week! Talk about life stages! It was really funny. But God is so good, and He always redeems our time when we choose to use it to serve others, even if that means making the effort to be there for your friend or sister when you are able!

It ended up being a beautiful weekend, and a great blessing to spend time with my sisters and her friends. It was the longest time, 48 hours, I had been away from all 3 of my boys since the youngest was born. I didn’t prepare enough for how the sense of freedom might effect me, (mostly the aftermath, and the complaining to my husband why are we not more fun and playing games in the middle of the day! I really need to work on my sanguine reactions). But it was fun, and overall healthy to be surrounded by women in such different life stages. It allowed me the chance to really be there for my sister and enter into her world and friendships for the weekend. That was one of my biggest takeaways I wanted to share. How the unique part of bachelorette parties is the unity of women in all different stages coming together for the bride. Unlike the rush of the wedding weekend, the bachelorette celebration has the opportunity to allow for slower conversation, and getting to know the other important people in the brides life.

Bachelorette parties can really be a great thing. You can take the time to get to know the family and friends who are important in the brides life. You can spend time celebrating how all of your paths have crossed hers at different times, and witness to the stories of the power of friendships. You can see how women need other women, in every different life stage, and how we can all learn from each other. Go to the bachelorette’s when you can. Whether you are one of the experienced brides like me, and might have to choose water over wine, or one of the singles still in waiting who is less than thrilled for the next invite - go when you can, set your mindset on relationships, pray before you go & have fun! It will be the memories and the bonds that last.

The Lord blesses all of our good intentions, and will continue to bless our good relationships! Savor and celebrate the women in your life. Women need other women to have good marriages, and the bonds of a bachelorette party can be a great beginning!

(Fun fact, the pregnant middle sister actually had her beautiful baby boy today!!! On the anniversary of the bachelorette ;) ha, Praise God!

In Joy,


Alex DeRoseComment